Every morning whether in Canada, Iceland, Mexico or USA I love a hot cup of Earl Grey tea...preferably with steamed milk. I admit its a bit tougher to find in the hot Southern States where ice tea is a staple. Or they offer me lemon and honey in it!! Seriously, give me frothy milk to make me the happiest! 

Ok after my family and my tea, I get so much pleasure out of planning photoshoots. It's the creative bug that gets me. But mostly, it's the pleasure of watching people have so much fun at my shoots. There's not much better than showing people the best photos of themselves they've ever seen! Especially in this media age!

I've always loved fashion and enjoy perusing shops looking at the latest styles and colors of the season. I'm always searching for beautiful gowns for my studio wardrobe, as well as poking around in vintage shops. I can often be found adding bits and pieces to dresses and making a headpiece for a photoshoot. I find that adding a silk flower here and there beautifies most everything.

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