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What can i mentionabout me....hmmm.  Well, I love Earl Gray tea with half of it steamed milk) Prefer Milk chocolate, over dark, loaves over muffins...no donuts please. Chocolate cheesecake and chocolate cake with ganache are faves. 

My usual outfit is jeans and a white top. I have other colors, but white is my fave! Scarves are a must in the fall till spring. I love dresses, but with my lifestyle, I end up changing. It's hard when I have a child or two or three hanging off me, wanting to go pick blackberries, or ride the ATV, make mud pies or jump across the creek. 

Travel, who doesn't love it! I confess to loving to travel  with a photoshoot in mind. I've gotten some amazing photos in Iceland amidst the snow, sleet and driving rain. Cool hobbit caves, icebergs and waterfalls.   Italy with its fabulous architecture and I lived off margherita pizza.   New York...well it's New York! Bright lights,  Met museum, Empire State building and Central Park. 

I am truly blessed that I love what I do. From choosing wardrobe, locations, hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, etc, for either models or clients. Love it all.

Thanks for your interest. 



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