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I love creating photoshoots for magazines and shooting my clients as though they were in a magazine.  

It turns out I'm a stylist and designer at heart. I love to dress you up and what I can't find, I make. I organized a Fashion Show at the iconic Empress Hotel and ended up making the little girls dresses, as I couldn't find any I liked. Unplanned, crazy, but so fun! 

Things about me:
Grandkids are the best! I love their imaginations, unfettered by any limitations.
I'm always up for Earl Grey Tea with lots of steamed milk.
I  listen to audiobooks as I work and  multitask.
I walk fast and I walk up escalators as I'm bored just standing there. 
My kitchen is  tidy and my closet not so much.  So many more fun things to do...like making an ice queen crown, or a floral headpiece,   create backgrounds, make a mast for a boat, paint a backdrop,  make a dress from a parachute... 





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