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My interest in photography began on a trip to Italy. I was so inspired by the incredible architecture, museums, the towns, the canals of Venice...sigh. My first foray into fashion photography was in Iceland in 2014. From that shoot I got a photo in Photo Vogue, Italia, and several magazines. Sweet! I was hooked!

That led me into photographing at Vancouver Fashion week and from there it was a simple step to styling shoots as well as  designing clothing for my model shoots, including creative headpieces...and have had my photos in, and on the cover of many magazines. So blessed!

I meet up with every client and from there I create a fashion focused photoshoot designed especially for them. They give me so much creative license and trust...you don't  mind if I wrap you in fabric and ferns I just picked from the forest, or dress you in fallen leaves, or stand you in a freezing pond, or float you on a rowboat, or stand you in the ocean, or put you in this dress I made from books. Yes, you can see where my mind shoots in so many directions.

I also do perfectly normal photoshoots with lovely gowns and backdrops. It all depends on each individual client.
I'm pretty much open to any ideas... like the client who brought in pink pajamas...I know, right! We had the most amazing shoot from that...not yet seen by anyone...but stay tuned. It's one of my faves. And wait till you see my idea for someone that loves to decorate tables...ha, she'll be very, very surprised.

I am on the board of Shine Fashion Tea, a  fundraiser for BC Childrens Hospital. It's at the Iconic Empress Hotel. I organize the Fashion Show and designed the children's clothing line plus  many headpieces. I worked with an amazing team to help make a  successful charity event! It's on  February 5th, 2023 with a garden theme. So bring your pretty or funky garden clothes and wear a lovely hat. Yes, a flower is a hat, so pin one in your hair. And you won't believe the headpieces I've made for it. :) 




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